How dare you take my heart and handle it so carelessly. What you held was precious to me. I was so careful with it. 

I warned you, it bruised easily and you promised you had gentle hands. You said you saw it’s value, yet here it is, shattered, bruised, broken. And there you sit, unmoved by the damage you’ve caused. 

This was all I had, it was all I could have given anyone and who’s going to accept it now, with so many fragile and weak points. I’ve done my best to repair it, but everyone will see the mark you’ve left. I’m not new and shiny anymore. 

I was beautiful once, so pristine, so eager to feel loves embrace. Look at what you’ve done to me. I was polished and all of these tears have rusted everything that used to shine. 


I want to get out of this place. Out of this room, this house, this cold and heartless state. I’ve always been an outsider, weird, different. I never understood why I couldn’t fit in. I tried to mimic the ”normal” kids, but I never seemed to get it right. I didn’t mind, or maybe I didn’t notice; I thought my own company was more entertaining than talking about barbies and boys.
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It always starts with a slight change in temperature, as if he’s walked into cool breeze during mid day when the sun is at its highest. The little hairs on his neck dance, sending a cold shiver through his body.

On occasion the sound of rustling leaves will send whispers of secrets she long kept from him to his ears. He can always sense her presence. She’s never long gone, merely hiding in the shadows of familiar places they frequented together.
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